Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The difference between "Yes We Can" and "Should We?"

There is a lot of discussion about whether the democrats in congress can muster the votes to get reconciliation done on the health care proposal. A lot of this is like a horse race. But the real question should be "Should we?" The polling on any of the three bills is pretty clear - the American people are not in support of a massive expansion of government that either the House or Senate bills do (and presumably the final proposal by the Administration). They are concerned about costs and intrusion.

Most independent observers agree with Warren Buffett that none of the extant proposals do anything realistic about costs - which is the fundamental problem facing our health care system. There are legitimate concerns about the open ended nature of the new entitlements regardless of whether there might be momentary or continuing reductions in some costs in the system.

The Administration seems to either not be able to listen or not care. Some supporters of the president have argued that the tide will begin to turn on support for the health care plan - but those are people who have not bothered to ask should we?

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