Friday, March 12, 2010

OK so I was late

This morning at 8:30 Eastern, Apple began accepting pre-orders for both types of iPads. I did not get up until 6:30 Pacific, so ordered mine about an hour late.

Here is what I ordered. I ordered the biggest (64 gig) iPad without 3G. That will not be available until late April so I will get one of the first models and if it is as good as it looks, I will do the 3G model later and pass this one along. I added a dock, a wireless keyboard and the case and the VGA adapter along with Apple Care. The whole thing cost about $1000 with tax.

When you are at the bleeding edge of technology you do things like that.

A couple of developments came out. First, Barnes and Noble announced they will offer an e-reader ap for their books on the iPad that is a pretty good indication of what B&N thinks of the possibilities for this device as an e-reader. Second, the Ap Store does not have the possibility of ordering the iWork aps yet. I will keep checking - those three are critical to making this device useful to road warriors.

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Mike said...

Great insights from THE Apple poweruser. I will order the 3G version since waiting an additional month is not an issue for me.