Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Health Care Summit

Unfortunately I did not get to hear or see much of the summit today. Fortunately two commentators did live blogs on the discussions. Commentary had a couple of people commenting and did a series of great posts. The New Republic's Jonathan Chait presented his live blog perspective from the left. At times during the day they even engaged in a colloquy.

From a quick read of all the posts I am not sure that anyone's mind was changed. The President got caught in a couple of misstatements and from my perspective he was a bit condescending to the GOP members. But I think the session highlighted the major difference on this issue. The Democrats seem to think that the imperative of passing something is critical. All day the President seems to have bounced between the appearance of soliciting ideas and rejecting any significant changes to his proposal. I do not think that posture will be helpful to building support for his position. But the dye may have already been cast on positions and because I think most Americans were not able to listen for most of the day, I am not sure what effect this event will have.

I am convinced that if the President tries to use reconciliation to pass this bill that the American people will react very negatively.

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