Friday, May 01, 2009

Dinner in Tampa

Last night I had dinner at a historic restaurant in Tampa called Columbia. All day long I had heard the guy saying we were going to a "Flamingo" restaurant. I saw the Godfather. This restaurant is Cuban so I though some kind of risque stage show with fans and all - but the food was supposed to be good. Well we got there and found that our host had mispronounced a bit - Columbia is a Flamenco restaurant and we were seated near the stage.

I am not an especial fan of Flamenco. Interestingly I like Clogging which is its Appalachian counterpart. But the food and service were excellent. Their Gazpacho was divine. I had the Cuban pork but there were 20 other dishes on the menu that looked great. The motif is Spanish - with lots of enameled tile.

If you are in Tampa this is one place to be, for sure.

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