Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thanks Lincoln

The WP did a story today which highlights the oppostion of Lincoln Chaffee to the nomination of John Bolton for the UN. (Where he has been serving since last January). Chaffee's opposition to Bolton, who I believe is the right person at this time in the UN, will doom the discussion in the Senate.

Bolton, is indeed, is not always polite with the petty bureaucrats that run the UN at this point. He should not be. We should respect the institution that brings nations together but our patience with the likes of the current secretary general and his band of theives should be limited if non-existent. The UN needs to change significantly. Bolton can be a positive force to help accelerate that change.

One of the arguments made by the Bush people in the Rhode Island primary was we need Chaffee in the Senate. It is pretty clear that had they not intervened Chaffee would be a lame duck. For now the senator is only lame.

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