Friday, September 15, 2006

Greedy and Stupid - Measures Q & R

Just how dumb do the owners of the Sacramento Kings think the citizens of Sacramento are? They have pretty good evidence that some of us a pretty rube like. Afterall our "representatives" negotiated a deal which virtually gave the owners carte blanche on a prime piece of real estate in the core of the city - virtually assuring that all of the costs of the new arena they have demanded would be borne by taxpayers while virtually all of the revenues would go to the owners of the team.

But then, yesterday, the Maloofs showed thought the better of it. They walked away from that deal by demanding 8000 parking spaces under their control. That is a pretty large lot in any city. How greedy can these guys get?

If that were not enough I got a message from former county supervisor Sandy Smoley that said in part "We respect the Maloofs and applaud their many contributions to this community, but this isn't their decision, nor is it their arena. The community has decided that the best place for its new arena is at the old Sacramento rail yards — and we have no doubt that this is where it will be. We'll move mountains to make it happen." I guess the greed of the Maloofs is only matched by the stupidity of some of our local leaders.

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