Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Going back to May 15

After yesterday's 6-3 loss to Colorado, we have a couple of things from the 2006 season. First, we finished 13 games out, although it turns out that was the 4 best record in the league. We were there on May 15 but with a negative record. Second, the call up in September was not as large as it has been in previous years. We might have a core next Spring. One would hope that some of the stars we had this season who made the transition to the bigs, will actually be able to find a home with the bigs. Many of them deserve it. Third, and most important, when the team roster settled down, we played pretty good baseball. The last week wasn't stellar, but the time between the All Star break and the last week was outstanding. Perhaps, the best image we should have of the season is the last home game.

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