Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Some reflections on Aguascalientes

Yesterday we went to see a friend at the Quinta Real. We were early so went to the museum across the street which focuses on technology and science and is very well done. We stayed there for a while looking at the exhibits. They have a very interesting one which allows you to go inside a volcano.

But as we were leaving it started to rain. The people of Aguascalientes (hot water) are called hidrocalidos. This is near the end of the rainy season but you can see why they get the water part of their name. But then as quickly and intensely as it came it went away. The photo with the arches is at the Quinta Real - the building is new but like many other Quinta Reals - they have tried to use traditional architecture. These two images were taken within 30 minutes of another.

We had a great lunch with a good friend - who is a priest and starting a school in the area for poor children.

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