Friday, May 27, 2005

The Role of State Owned Media in the Internet Age

The BBC RSS summaries has an article on the role of the internet on the French referendum on Sunday. It suggests that in France there are beginning to be a wider range of voices and there is noticable discontent about the one sided visions from the traditional media. Sunday's vote looks increasingly close. Oddly, as noted above this story was in the BBC. The same page also carries a note that Chancellor Schroeder pushed the EU ratification through the Bundesrat.

There is a parallel in the US with the fight on balance in PBS. One need only listen to the snide giggles about almost anything conservative to understand the focus and bias of that network. In an age when the ability of almost anyone has the chance to communicate - what justification can there be for significant state support for a media outlet - beyond the millions we spend for the spinners in all public offices?

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