Tuesday, May 31, 2005

dEUmocracy - only real if you follow my rules

The Dutch PM, Jan Peter Balkenende’s has added some conditions to accept a no vote on the EU constitution set for Wednesday. To be qualified as a "real" vote - turnout must reache at least 30 % and the no vote must be 55%. It is reassuring that some European leaders are able to guide their "constituents" so precisely. This is a new definition of democracy.

The NYT presents a comment from a Marshall Fund official that clarifies the situation - "This is a kick in the pants for the French and for the political class in Europe, one that's overdue and badly needed," said Ronald D. Asmus, executive director of the German Marshall Fund's Transatlantic Center in Brussels. "This whole project hasn't been bringing people on board, and lots of problems were being papered over. At some point, people realized there was too much papering over." I guess that is not true in the Netherlands.