Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Rivercats go to .500

Yesterday must have been an interesting one in Las Vegas - the Rivercats were ending a four day cycle with the 51s. According to Johnny Doskow it was windy - up to 40 MPH - which makes for some odd conditions for baseball. In addition, the wind was out going on the field - thus, singles - if high enough could go out - if they got carried. The Rivercats ended the day with 24 hits - 19 runs and scored in the first through the fifth - including 11 runs in the fifth. The 51s starter (Jackson) had a hard first inning. The 51s scored in the fourth, fifth and sixth (including 9 in the sixth) but with only 13 hits. The Rivercats won 19-13. It sounded great on the radio but it must have been even better being there.

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