Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Fall of Arnold

One wonders why anyone would listen to the mad ravings of Ariana Huffington - who at this point has had more political incarnations that facelifts (probably). But in this morning's post - one of her associates gives us a true insight into the bizarre nature of this cult. Robert Greenwald comments -

"When the front page of the New York Times announces the fall of Arnold, then we know it is real. Now that we know he is falling, the big question: why? As a participant in the plans to dethrone the emperor, I want to chime in."

Most sane people understand that the New York Times is not exactly stellar on political reporting in general and on California issues in particular. One need only go back and look at their analysis of what was going to happen in the recall to understand how truly strange it is to suggest that the NYT has any standing to call events like this.

Seems that Greenwald believes that the issues the Govenor chose were the wrong ones because he chose out public employee unions - although to date they have wrapped themselves in the cloak of public servant. On each of these issues he chose there are vulnerabilities on the other side - in each a union wants to get more for itself without any demonstration of benefiting citizens - where are California schools and how have the teacher unions helped bring them to this point; where is the California health care system and how have the nurses unions helped to bring them to this point; etc., etc., etc.

This is obviously a premature declaration of victory. Perhaps Mr. Greenwald should consult with President Kerry - who the Times also opined on (that time in favor).