Friday, October 27, 2006

An old joke Googlized

Yes indeed although the people at Google want their name to only be a noun - I cannot resist. There is an old joke about lawyers that a man in a hot air balloon is lost and comes down over a golf course and asks the party below "Where am I?" - one in the party replies "You are above the 16th hole about 50 feet above us" - to which the traveller replies - "Oh you must be a lawyer/" To which the person on the ground says "how did you know", to which the balloonist says "Your response was factually correct, but totally useless to me."

A new service called "How many of me" makes and estimate of all the people in the US with your name. It is called How Many of ME? It makes an estimate of how many people in the US have your first and last name. For example I found that 2915 people have my name - based on their estimating techniques. Interestingly enough for my wife - who has an Irish first name - the service produces the result of ZERO. So I guess the woman I married does not exist - and all along for these last 37 years, I thought she did.


rodolfo said...

You should be grateful these numerologists exist. Concerning your wife they are factless -which might be useful.

Greg Scheiderer said...

Funny, I don't exist either. Neither did my wife under her maiden name, but then she did after she married me. But if I don't exist.....