Saturday, October 28, 2006

Clean hands in politics

There is a story in the NYT today about the use of hand sanitizers (that gel that you cannot carry on airplanes - at least commercial ones to make your hands clean without water) by politicians. The story focusses on the Vice President but then also points out that some politicians use it, some don't (Gore does, Dean and Bill Richardson do not).

What I was struck with is not the obvious public health questions (if you have to shake so many hands is your chance of getting colds higher? Or the second question, how did politicians in earlier days protect themselves from colds?) but rather just who should be protected in the transaction of pressing the flesh. With all the baloney going on in politics today one could make a credible case the the pre-use of hand sanitizers for people meeting politicians is offered as a public service to the constituents.

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rundfakt said...

Dr. Tax,
I suggest marketing "Anti-politician greeting/hand shaking" special skin protection kit for those days when you just have to have contact with the silly critters.