Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Idiotic Games

In April of this year, I did a post on talk radio which discussed why I had quit listening. I made a comment about a (now) former local talk show host named Mark Williams which argued that Williams and some others like him tended to rant. That post also discussed some interesting podcast alternatives which made my drivetime better. Yesterday, that post got a hit and a comment which, like all other hits on my blogsite, included some metadata as to where it was from. The comment was signed as anonymous. But the hit was from Lincoln, California with the net host that Williams uses.

When Williams was on the air in Sacramento he seemed to attempt to annoy his listeners. His comments were often eclectic but uninformed. That radio station finally dismissed him.

I don't mind critical comments. I do not like anonymous posts. Williams makes a lot of his ratings in the Sacramento News and Review, a throwaway paper in the local area where he was rated high on a couple of lists. I do not want to camp on his little "empire" but his tactic proves my point, even better than I did in April.


Anonymous said...

Yes "Dr. Tax", aka Mister " I do not like anonymous posts" and who has a secret life as an Internet Troll. LOL!

Does the word "coward" ring a bell Mr. "Association President" (translation: this guy is an elderly condo nazi out of Sun City Lincon Hills and too frightened of his own mouth to sign his name to anything)

At least Mark Williams puts his name on every word he says you creepy little Mark Foley you.

ROTFLMAO! (rolling on the floor laughing my ass off)

Anonymous said...

Did I fail to mention that in the 2 years your "blog" has been up a grend total of 700 people have visited, acording to Site Meter, and almost all of those were for only a handful of seconds because the person mis-clicked?

Dude; you, williams and I are the only people here!


Dr. Tax in Sacramento said...

Actually, the site meter was reset less than a week ago. So the count that you see is one which relates to the day that the site was reset. That happened when I redid the site.

Is this guy a nut or what?

Anonymous said...

I guess when you don't have a regular job, you have a lot of free time. It would be helpful if Magic Markie would at least get his numbers correct, but then of course, he never has been very good at that.

By the way, I do not live in Placer County, am not retired and am well known by the moniker Dr. Tax as I have a doctorate in Tax Policy.

Son of Anonymous (but not of the prior brain dead Anonymous)

Anonymous said...

Things that make you go "Hhhhmmmmm". "Dr Tax" claims to be somebody. My guess is that he's a urine soaked wino hanging at the library. The "Tax" comes into his name because the computer he is using is owned by the taxpayers.

Just another freak who thinks we give a f**k about his lame kids and even lamer opinions.

Dr. Tax in Sacramento said...

Evidently Mr. Williams (Anonymous) can't read. Among the posts I have done since this blog started I have given you a pretty good resume of who I am - I run an association which works around the capitol. Before that I worked in the White House and Congress and the legislature. The purpose of the blog is to talk about things I am interested in. My readership has been pretty consistent - I had reasonably high rankings in the Sacramento rankings when I used that HTML tag - but decided to quit using it before I reset my site meter a couple of weeks ago. I am happy to see other readers - which come from around the world. It is sad to see such a pathetic type resort to personal epithets. (Mark if you need some help with some of the bigger words, please ask a librarian.)

If this blog is so ineffective, then why does he think it necessary to come back again and again to check whether his name is mentioned?

Sorry to my regular readers, for this lapse in taste from this guy.

Anonymous said...

I have known drtaxsacto for a long time. I know his background and expertise and have enjoyed reading his diverse thoughts on a lot of things. I am not from Sacramento but have done projects with him in Washington,D.C. and out of the country.

I am not sure who this other guy is. Whoever he is, he seems to have a lot of time on his hands and a lot of venom in his spleen. That is pretty pathetic.

I decided not to identify myself (drtax knows how to track who I am from the tag I leave when I post this note) because I do not want such a sophomoric person as the other Anonymous to send me is mis-spelled messages.

Anonymous said...

As for you "anonymous": This blog is an interesting perspective by a class act of a man, who has gracefully handled your insults. He isn't a nobody such as yourself (ie anonymous!), he simply must have some privacy from internet delinquents such as yourself. You have no basis for your bizarre and ineloquent rantings, save your own warped self image. Wouldn't the world be better without your random and malevolent spew, pestering people who have done you no harm, insulting their family, and generally just being vile? Knock it off.

CMG in Seattle