Wednesday, March 15, 2006

An Army of Davids

Just got the Instapundit Book an exuberant book about technology. Its' fundamental notion is that technology is empowering. I think his premise fits nicely with one that I have used a lot recently about the decline in authority structures. Individuals have the opportunity, as never before, to take control of major portions of their lives both in a personal sense and as they relate to others.

What may be missing from the book is a sense of the moral hazards of technology. Indeed, the internet can empower but in the wrong hands it can also inhibit. As Lawrence Lessig has pointed out things like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act have a long term effect of limiting the possibilities.

I read this book quickly. But I think it is worth a more careful look. I tend to read a lot about the themes in the book but there were kernals that were worth savoring. His style in brisk and interesting. It is well worth the price. I will post something more where I can follow some of his points in more depth.

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