Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Season in Two Games

This was the last home stand for the Rivercats. If they play like they did the last two nights for the playoffs they will do just fine. They lost a bunch of people today to the show - Matt Watson - who deserved to be up there. Cruz - who whined his way back and probably deserved to be there. Freddie Bynum. They have four more games in the regular season - against Tacoma and then to the playoffs probably against Tacoma - but if the Cats do well - against Salt Lake. The Stingers have been on a tear winning their last five games. But before that they had lost five. We are on a 7-3 for the last 10 games.

This has been a pretty good season.

Last night I bought Ron Flores' Jersey - he is a good reliever and deserves to be back up. This was a fund raiser for Independence Field. Ron was pretty consistent this season. He has pitched 60 innings and allowed 45 hits. His ERA is a scootch over Cruz.

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