Monday, September 12, 2005

Questions of Wonder

The news this weekend had a couple of stories that, IMHO, were incongruous. On the one hand a couple of news outlets carried major stories on how Bush's friends were getting the clean up booty from Katrina. On the other there was a story about the CEO of one of those companies, the Shaw Group, who happens to be the Chair of the Democrat Party in Louisiana. The Louisiana Democratic Party Website lists James Bernhard as its chair and also as the CEO of Shaw. Before one made charges like this wouldn't it be better to do at least a little reporting.

It seems that many of the media are more interested in spreading what seems to be in the streets of New Orleans rather than trying to cover the news. Just how many firms in the nation can handle the size of the jobs that the federal government has designated to help the city recover? Why should everything always be a conspiracy?

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