Friday, July 01, 2005

How many is enough?

The Rivercats are playing Salt Lake for the next couple of days. Last night they lost a close decision. Tonight they came into the ninth with a seven run lead. They brought in Chris Mabeus before then and he had one good inning but then lapsed into his old ways. One of our seat mates in our section - who celebrated her 50th tonight - quoted the old Woodie Allen line a few weeks ago when in a similar situation - having Mabeus as a reliever is like being offered the choice between death and cake (and we're all out of cake.) Mabeus can have a couple of good innings but he is inconsistent.

The other heart breaker this evening - as with the last time they got together was the youngster Jairo Garcia - Garcia is 22 - has a fast ball is pretty awesome but not very consistent. He can throw a lot of pitches at more than 90 MPH - the problem is not many of them are over the plate.

In the end they were able to close out for a win but not until they allowed the Stingers to produce 5 runs. How many is enough - tonight 7 were just enough.