Friday, July 08, 2005


For the past couple of days I have been in Aguascalientes and Zacatecas with my wife. I wanted to have her see the area - where I have been doing a lot of work recently and a good friend wanted her to meet his wife.

The friend is the rector of a start up university that is doing quite well - growing but also developing some very substantive assets for the region. His family is wonderful - two boys and two girls - the oldest in university and the next about to enter. The kids are thoughtful and well behaved. They are part of a class of people their age that seem quite comfortable with international visitors. My friend and his family took two days and showed us around. At the end of each day they were kind enough to take us back to their house to meet some of their friends. That was really wonderful. We also got to see both cities - Aguascalientes is in the center of Mexico (El Corazon de Mexico) and is a wonderful community of about 700,000 last fall I led a program for the new Governor (who is a new kind of Mexican politician) and his staff. We got to see the Governor briefly on this trip. The next day we went to Zacatecas which is about an hour´s north of AGU. Site of one of the most important battles in the Mexican Revolution but very colonial in feeling.

This afternoon we had a chance to catch up with one of our three Mexican ¨sons¨ - he is an attorney who is currently finishing his doctorate at one university while serving as dean of two other law schools. He has a girl friend and seems quite involved in a lot of interesting projects. It was a real pleasure to hear about all the things he is doing.

The warmth we experienced in both places gave me a great feeling. Our friends went out of their way to show us their city and to give my wife especially a good idea of the community. Our young friend in Mexico took a couple of hours out of his day just to catch up - coming to the airport on a Friday is a sacrifice but we had a great lunch and heard all about his things - family, dissertation, girl friend, politics, etc.