Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Onion Strikes Again

The Onion has been a mainstay of my mornings for several years.   They parody news issues - recently they have been doing a series of street "interviews" on various topics.    This morning's was on the new laws in Texas restricting abortions.   There are a couple of funny things about the bit - first, they use about six to eight people in the pictures - rotating their occupations and names but using the same picture.   Second, they seem to be designed to mirror what USA Today and some of the other popular news outlets do.

The one above is from today - but you can get it each day through their twitter feed.  I have also included one other to give you an idea about the range of topics - the second one is comments on the Microsoft corporate reorganization and is from a few days ago.   The Onion continues to be a very funny source of the news.

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