Monday, February 18, 2013

The IOC Betrayal of the Olympic Tradition

The International Olympic Committee has proposed to end Wrestling as an olympic sport in the 2020 games.  It boggles the mind that these morons would make that decision (in secret) while upholding such classic sports as synchronized swimming.   The first olympics had wrestling - indeed, when you think of the olympics the image that first comes to mind is wrestlers.

I will readily admit to bias here.   When I was in high school I first ran track and cross country.   I may still hold my school's record for one of the slowest 1320s (three laps of the track) recorded in history.   But when I discovered wrestling I found something exciting.    High school wrestling at the time had three periods of three minutes each.  In the first the wrestlers met each other standing up; in the second and third each wrestler is given the "advantage" - even though the whole match takes nine minutes or less it requires stamina and agility.   My first wrestling coach, who was not the brightest bulb in the world, once exhorted his team that if we wanted to be good wrestlers "We had to be agility!"   But my second coach taught us a lot about the determination that wrestling requires.   The sport is based on individual achievement.

The IOC spokesmouth claimed the decision was not what "was wrong with wrestling" but more a process of "renewing and renovating" the olympic program.     Really, Badminton stays in a Wrestling is dropped?

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