Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Caption Contest (no prizes offered)

When the White House released the attached photo I was struck with a lot of questions.

First as the National Shooting Sports Foundation commented the President's stance is all wrong.   He shoots left and yet he seems to be shooting squared off - with  improperly balanced weight.  (Having spent some of my time in college shooting skeet off the back porch of my college fraternity with a hand skeet launcher - we did not use either (as my grandson calls them) "ear muffins" or glasses.

But as I thought about it also had several possible captions for this photo.  (In no particular order.)

#1 - The President takes the memo from the Justice Department seriously (which authorizes drones to kill American citizens with even sketchy details about their activities).

#2 - The President demonstrates a shotgun using alternative power (steam ).

#3 - The President playing golf with Dick Cheney.

#4 - Quick, who believes that anyone will be convinced of the President's commitment to the Second Amendment by this shoddy political photo?

#5 - Shameless publicity photo #47,243.

#6 - Rambamo

#7 - The President listening to Clint Eastwood's rap to the empty chair.

#8 - At least he is able to buy ammunition.

#9 -  Note the President's shotgun has a 15 shell clip in the stock.

#10 - Mr. President, I do not think this gun will reach the House of Representatives from the White House lawn.

Feel free to add your own.

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