Saturday, October 20, 2012


This morning I was trying to contact a friend who had been at a meeting in the Lafayette Park Hotel in Concord, California.  The Lafayette Park is a small hotel with a pretty good restaurant (the Duck Club) and has the elements of some of the best boutique hotels in the country.   I have stayed at the place several times in the past.

I went on the net to find a phone number.   There were a series of references to the hotel each had a phone number.   Most were 800 numbers.   I tried the first one and found that it had a phone tree with two options - you could make a reservation or you could change your reservation - but there was no option to contact the hotel.

The 877 number was no longer functional.  In the end I was able to contact my friend by calling his (Mexican) cell number.

I am not sure whether this obscurity is intentional or simply an example of a property that is not well positioned to meet customer needs.   But it will sure cause me to rethink whether I would stay in this hotel in the future.

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