Saturday, September 01, 2012

Jr Spartan Football

For the past three seasons, my now 10 year old grandson has played football.  In our area this is a well organized program.   His first year was what you might expect - he showed some interest but also some lethargy.   Last year was shortened when he and his dad were horsing around and he fell to the ground and messed up his arm enough to require a cast.

His dad, my son, is a football aficionado. He has volunteered for a small local high school called Christo Rey to help in coaching duties for several years.   This year their interests came together and now my son is coaching his son on a team called the Jr. Spartans.

In the first game of the season he scored a running PAT, had a marvelous sack and also scored a first down.   His team eventually lost in this exhibition game but the team played pretty well.   Near the end our grandson was involved in a collision which gave us a scare.  He collided with another kid and went down like a bag of clothes.   I was up in the stands keeping an eye on his younger brother and so saw the play clearly.   The other kid got an ankle sprain and our grandson got a groin pull.  But there were a tense couple of minutes.

I've watched my son in many coaching situations - he seems to care about the kids he is coaching and is often able to get the kids to focus. (No small task for even high school kids)  - so I guess you know what I will be doing in the fall on Saturdays.

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