Thursday, July 05, 2012

MALO - Your Fifteen Minutes are UP

The Mexican election on the First of July was, according to all observers, a clean process.   Over the last three election cycles, beginning in 2000, the election commission (IFE) has done a lot of things to assure that votes are counted correctly.   This time for instance they required a valid voter ID to cast a vote (what a novel concept that so far liberals in the US reject).   They also use an indelible ink to assure that no one votes more than once (similar to the process used in the Iraqi elections). 

But here comes Manuel Andres Lopez Obrador (or as he calls himself Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador - to avoid being call MALO) still not willing to concede that he took a distant second place with 31% of the vote and declining as the IFE continues its recount.  Lopez Obrador alleged all sorts of misdeeds by his opponents.   Independent observers have suggested that the process was very good- even excellent.   Get over it Bozo, your time in the limelight is passed.  

I am not sure what kind of president Enrique Peña Nieto will be.   The criticism of him early on was that he lacked substance.   But in the last few months, he has presented some challenging ideas about where the country should go.   Josefina Mota has conceded but poor, old AMLO thinks he still holds some sway.   Thankfully, the Mexican people have moved on from this constant whiner.

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