Thursday, July 26, 2012


I was shopping yesterday and was struck by something curious.   In the display for an energy drink called Monster - there were two ways to buy it.  You could buy two cans for $3 or a 4 can pack for $6.99.

There are several possible explanations to this marketing strategy:

#1 - The makers of Monster do think people who drink this energy supplement are not very bright.
#2 - The price of cardboard has sky-rocketed and I have not heard about it.
#3 - This is an example of new math gone mad.
#4 - The guy in the company who did the pricing strategy is a graduate of some university where math has been through the self esteem movement and answers in arithmetic are "whatever you feel they should be."
#5 - One of the hidden characteristics of Monster is that while your energy is restored your reasoning is wiped out.

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