Monday, June 04, 2012

Shad Fishing with Bob Sparre

Yesterday, my son and I went fishing for Shad on the American River with a local guide named Bob Sparre.   We were fishing for Shad.  Most of the fish we caught were about 2-3 pounds.   We used Spinner rods - which I had never done before.   During the afternoon we hooked into about 10-12 fish each.

At this point in my fishing I have been with a lot of different guides.  I have fished with some of the best guides in various areas and with some who are not so skilled.   The value of a good guide comes from two things.  A good guide will get you where the fish are.    That is both a skill and an art.   At the same time a good guide is a good teacher.   The guide helps you get better at fishing.

Sparre fills both of those roles quite well.  We had a fun and low key afternoon.  Like the best guides I have been with, he was constantly checking conditions and offering suggestions but never seemed to intrude.  The most interesting thing about Shad fishing for me was the release; people who read this blog know I am a catch and release fisherman.  When the fish is netted, one gives them a pancake flip and the hook (which is barbless) is released.  The second flip then puts the fish back into the water.

Sparre has a wide range of trips and fishes about 200 days a year.

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