Sunday, June 24, 2012


In the old comedy series Seinfeld there was a character which Jerry often referred to as "Newman!" with a derogatory tone.   Last week a Valedictorian in the small town of Newman generated some publicity which made me think of the reference.

Saul Tello is a success story.  He graduated as a Valedictorian from a small high school in Newman - which is near Modesto.  He chose to give his Valediction in Spanish.  He had originally wanted to give the speech in both Spanish and English - but his principal told him they did not have enough time so to choose a language.

I think there were a couple of wrongs here.   First,  the principal should have recognized the teachable moment here.  By adding a translator, so that Mr. Tello could make his speech but the English speakers in the audience could understand him, he would have been able to demonstrate that the possibility of an American success story was indeed possible.   Second, Fox News Commentator Bill O'Reilly got into it and grumped about this speech.  Doesn't O'Reilly recognize that this should be something that Americans should celebrate?  He should have kept his mouth shut.

The Modesto Bee covered is thusly -

Congratulations to Tello.  Shame on Bill O'Reilly.

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