Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Walkoffs a Pair

Last night the Rivercats opened a four game series against the Omaha Stormchasers.  In the end the Cats scored a come from behind win with a walk off home run by Josh Donaldson - the homer was wonderful if for nothing else in that it was well out into center.   That gave the Cats the win.   But what put us back into the game was Colin Cowgill's homer in the eighth - again a very long hit.   For most of the game we war down as many as 3 runs.  SO the win was extras sweet.

In tonight's game we went up early - 2-0.  But then in a series of miscues we let them tie it up in the ninth.  We came down to the bottom of the ninth and after getting someone on case Derek Norris came up and belted one to left - another walk off homer - but this time worth two runs.   It was just as exciting the second night in a row.

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