Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Descendants

Last night we went to the new George Clooney movie which is listed as a comedy-drama.   I am not sure that is an accurate description.  But the movie is an interesting mix of pathos and some humor.   Clooney's character is from an old established Hawaiian family that has the largest remaining tract of land in the state. The land is in a trust and they need to make a decision about how to handle it.  (Trusts cannot last forever.)  At the same time Clooney's wife was injured in a boating accident and is comatose.  At some point he finds that his wife was engaged in an affair.   To compound the plot, her doctor says she is brain dead and so has to be pulled of the machines.   If all that sounds like a bunch of maudlin sentimental junk - don't get fooled.   As the plot evolves, it is an engaging story with interesting characters.   The supporting cast is superb but Clooney carries the story with grace and subtlety.

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