Monday, September 26, 2011

Tom Seaver

This afternoon I had the opportunity to go to an informational reception for the Baseball Hall of Fame.     Hall of Famer Tom Seaver spent about an hour talking about his career and answering questions.

First to Cooperstown.  We were there in 2008.  We happened to be there on Induction Weekend and had the chance to see and talk with a couple of great ball players.  It is a bit hard to get to but well worth the trip.   Interesting exhibits and a town with a lot of other attractions.

Seaver was a Trojan when Rod Dedeaux coached the team.  He was on the 1969 Mets team and had a .286 lifetime ERA.  He was funny and had a lot of good stories.  

But when they got to questions he was asked whether the following four players should be elected into the Hall of Fame: Gill Hodges, Pete Rose, Barry Bonds and Roger Maris.   Seaver commented that Hodges, based on his playing and coaching career, deserved to be there.  Hodges started as a catcher but then was moved to first because Campy became the key Dodger catcher.  He managed the Mets in 1969. From his perspective Rose, because he bet on baseball, should never be in the Hall of Fame - the fact that Rose claimed he never bet against his own team is irrelevant.   He also said Bonds should not be there based on his use of steroids.    He made an interesting point in suggesting that it was fine to steal signals but the use of chemicals was inappropriate.   Finally, he said Maris did not deserve to be there, in spite of his 61 home run - he had a lifetime batting average of .260 and only 1325 hits (275 home runs).   That sounds about right to me.

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