Sunday, September 11, 2011

How do you spend a day of Remembrance?

Sacramento held a 5K walk and run today to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of 9/11.   It got about 3000 participants.    At the end of the race finishers were given a small flag to affix to the name of one of the victims of that 9/11.  It was solemn without being maudlin.   I thought most of the coverage on NPR today was not at all helpful.  It ranged between a series of replays of that terrible day with some interviews of relatives of people who perished.  But I also saw clips of the Fox and CNN coverage and it was no better.  Not sure how many times I heard the phrase - it seems like just yesterday - but it was a lot.   What got me about the Run/Walk was that it brought a group of locals together for something that was both meaningful and helpful to the community (funds from the race went to first responders).

It was a beautiful day - slightly cool in the morning and quite comfortable most of the day with a nice breeze.  The course was fun - winding through old Sacramento and then down to Miller Park.  After the race Capitol Mall was set up with food booths (the best by far was Burgess Brothers Burgers) and a series of information setups on things like fire safety.

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