Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The SW Blue Sleeve Gambit

This morning while waiting to board a flight to Sacramento, there were 10 people who were offered pre-boarding based on real or perceived disability.  In addition to those people who boarded early there were another dozen hangers on who were there to ostensibly assist.   Southwest has another policy where a continuing flight has people stay on board.   Thus, as a Business Select customer, who paid an extra fee to be able to board the plane early, I was able to board when almost half the seats were already taken.

What also galled me about this flight was two grannies who were put on in wheel chairs and somehow had a miraculous recovery when they got off - but walked slowly enough so I was unable to exit the plane.   This is beginning to rank up with roller board suitcases - inexperienced travelers (and even some who know how to live with them) take up a huge portion of space in airports.  They become double or triple wide targets.

It is enough to want to quit flying.

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