Sunday, July 31, 2011

Comparing Baseball Parks

Last night we went to the Harrisburg Senators to see them play a AA game.  Compared to other minor league stadiums we have been to in the past this one was OK but not great.

Getting into parking before the game took a bit of time.  We finally got let into a lot close to the stadium for $3 - which is considerably cheaper than the Rivercats.   And getting out of the stadium was ok.

The stadium holds about 7000 people and last night's game had more than 6000.  On the whole the crowd was engaged in the contest.  Indeed, one or two of the guys behind us gave the right fielder a load of guff that we thought was a bit excessive.

Food at the place was not especially inventive.  The jumbo hot dogs were mediocre.  Many baseball stadiums have some kind of local specialty food - but this park had nothing to write home about.  Beer was pretty cheap - $7 for  jumbo can.

We've been to a number of minor league parks including the Stockton Ports (A).  Last year we went to the Isotopes stadium and found a) it was easy to get into; b) had some interesting food (including Bananas Foster) and c) had some pretty good baseball.  This place had one out of three.

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