Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Cats Current Decline

Last night marked the seventh loss in a row for the Rivercats and the first extra innings loss for the club.  We were not short of hits(11) but a single in the 10th made it into a loss.   Like the last home game on the third, we scored early but again our opponents scored last.   We have had some roster changes but on the whole the club should not have had this slump.  Better now than later.  

One other note.  We are tied with Round Rock and Reno at 50-34, 16 games over and 5 games up on Las Vegas.   Fresno stands at 35-50 or just about opposite us.  In the next few days we play a lot of games against Fresno - two more there, then a set against Las Vegas (there) then the break for the Allstar game and then four back in Sacramento against Fresno.

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