Tuesday, February 08, 2011


One of my favorite spots on the Internet is Visualizing Economics.  It is a site created by one Catherine Mulbrandon a graduate of University of Chicago in Economics who now has her own firm which works with clients on data and infographics.   She created a model on how people should do what she does (presented at the right) which has helped me think about how spreadsheets can be recreated into visual tools.

But her enduring contribution has been the website.  Every once in a while she comes up with a graphic which makes me think about something in a totally different way.   Her site should be in your bookmarks simply because it is so useful.  She has some data and some neat posters for either downloading or for sale.   But what intrigues me the most about her work are her infographics.  They are colorful and informative.  The one which most recently caught my eye was the bold statement that six countries house half the world's population.  But there you are.  If you take China, India, the US, Indonesia, Brazil and Pakistan you've got half the population.  Take the other 206 countries and you have the other half.

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