Tuesday, November 09, 2010

When will candidates get it?

This morning's Bee had an article about campaign consultant Mike Murphy who mismanaged the recent campaign for Meg Whitman.   He took a lead in the Spring and moved it into a rout in November, all with $140 million.  He claimed the state was "too blue" to win a campaign.  What nonsense.  He got paid $90,000 per month.  So when should Whitman claim a refund.  He certainly did not add any value to the campaign.  He never really defined why Whitman was running.  He blew the most explosive issue in the campaign by simply trying to hide it until the Brown campaign brought up the immigration problems of Whitman's former and well paid domestic.

Remember that this is the same incompetent who talked John McCain into accepting Sarah Palin as his candidate for VP.

Murphy has a wealth of excuses but in the future let's hope that people he tries to help will look a bit more closely into his record before retaining him.  He is a one person wrecking crew.


Lee said...

Your title is right, but the body of the post blames the consultant.

John McCain is responsible for Sarah (the gift that keeps on giving.) and Meg Whitman is responsible for a tired, 40 year old message.

Dr. Tax in Sacramento said...

Palin (who I do not dislike as much as you but I think is not a viable candidate in 2012) was a Murphy idea. If Whitman was a 40 year old message what was Brown- I think Steve Gleazer (Brown's campaign guy) did a much better campaign than Murphy - in that case the blame goes to the consultant.