Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One more twist on the Pay Freeze

There is one other idea that should be added to the mix on the President's proposal.  According to the WSJ since 1997 the number of civilian employees of the federal government has increased by 17%. (or about 300,000 new highly paid employees).   The folly of the limited proposal looks even sillier with that data in tow.

We should not heap comment on the President alone.  Six GOP members of the US Senate just voted against ending earmarks - two were lame ducks (Voinovich and Bennett) - one (Murkowski was just "re-elected" - I will bet Alaskans are proud of that vote) and the rest ( Cochran, Collins,  Inhofe , Lugar, and Shelby (Ala.) were just lame.

Dick Durbin reflected the Washington political class - "I believe I have an important responsibility to the state of Illinois and the people I represent to direct federal dollars into projects critically important for our state and our future. "  What a crock.

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