Sunday, April 26, 2009

Almost 8 Hours, 22 innings, 2 runs, 2 ejections = two great games

For the last two days the Rivercats have had two games against the Blue Jays affiliate, the Las Vegas 51s. Today's game went a full 13 innings. I had to look up what the longest game in history was - 33 innings - Triple A - International League (1981 - Pawtucket Red Sox and Rochester Red Wings - 33 innings). Today's game went almost four hours, and last nights just a touch under. In both games the Cats won at the end of the game - by one run each (two total). We left 13 men on base including a lot in scoring position. Today they out hit us (6-9) but we were more effective in getting our guys across the plate. Last night we out hit them 14-11. Thus, over both days we had a total of 20 hits - so did they. In the end today Munson's sacrifice fly allowed us to score in the bottom of the 13th to end the game.

There is a lot of season left and we clearly need to work on our offense. But our fielding is better than last year. One other footnote. Last night the 51s manager was ejected - it was one of those situations where the manager went out to beef the first base umpire - but he continued to talk until he got thrown out. Today a 51 got ejected because he beefed the home plate umpire. It was clear he struck out. The batter (Ruiz) thought he had not struck out. WRONG! He complained and the home plate guy threw him out.

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