Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More on Silver Feet in Mouths

Anne Richards, the comic governor of Texas, once said of George Bush - "he was born with a silver foot in his mouth." Great quote. John Kerry seems to have been of the same lineage. In the 24 hours after his remark in Pasadena the following has happened -

Both John Testor and Harold Ford (democratic senate challengers in Montana and Tennessee) have asked Kerry to apologize.
Kerry has cancelled campaign appearances in several states.

This morning I worked out before my meeting and in the hour I was watching MSNBC (without sound - which is pretty nice) they showed the clip of Kerry making his goofball remark no less than 15 times. Will this move the election? Probably in some races.


piktor said...

She said that line at the 1988 Democratic convention. She also said in that same speech Bush (senior) was so priviliged he was born on third base.

Dr. Tax in Sacramento said...


Thanks for the memory assistance.