Monday, June 13, 2005

Old Rockers

On Saturday we went to a concert called Hulaballo - at Raley Field. It was an interesting melange. First, the age of the concert goers was older than I expected. Should not have been surprised - who knows who the Hollies were. Second, some of the groups were worth seeing - Johnny Rivers is a really great guitarist - whether you like his songs or not. The Grass Routes were wonderful - and lots of fun. Best line of the evening - "Buy our best of live album - I have a grandchild to support!" But their music was also fun.

Al Wilson was as I remembered - a good R&B/Soul voice in a lot of genres. The rest were less than memorable.

People mostly had a good time - although some of the aging rock fans were a bit annoying. Some of the music was dated - but a lot of it was not. Maybe I will go to another one in about a decade.