Thursday, June 02, 2005

Jermaine Clark as Commentator

At yesterday's game of the Rivercats, Jermaine Clark, one of the fastest utility men in baseball was the guest on the radio broadcast of the game. Clark is a pleasure to watch on the field - his base running is very quick. For right now he may be a hot prospect for the A's but when he is done with baseball, he is also a hot prospect for announcing. Johnny Doskow, the voice of the Rivercats is one of the best in the game - with clear and concise reporting of the game and great side chatter about the team and baseball. But Clark did a wonderful job of filling in details. He sounded bright and intelligent. The Rivercats can be heard on the net or on 1380 AM. Jose Reynoso is the Spanish announcer for the Cats and also quite good.

At 29-25 the Rivercats are in the lead for the Southern Division of the Pacific Division of the PCL - with Albuquerque and Oklahoma ahead in total wins in the American Southern Division - there are four divisions in the league (N/S American and Pacific). But at this point in the season there are plenty of teams who could be contenders.

At the team breakfast I won a half innning of being in the booth with Doskow and am looking forward to that opportunity. I know I will have two questions for him. Every baseball voice has some unique phrases - Doskow's is "holy kadelphia" - who knows where that came from. The other is something that came out of the breakfast. The people who sat with him at the breakfast asked him about the worst call he ever made in a game - he said it was in Appleton Wisconsin where he called a ball playable that was actually a home run out of the park by about 40 feet - I wonder how tall that outfielder was.