Thursday, May 09, 2013

Banal 7 News

I spent the last couple of days in Merida - as discussed in my last post.   But last night I got the chance to listen to one of the LA editions of 10 PM news.   I admit that I do not listen to TV news often.  After last night, my decision was reconfirmed.   There is lots of stuff going on in the world - from the hearing on the Benghazi incident to stories on the economy.   In LA there are undoubtedly tons of issues that need to be covered.  But what did the this channel cover last night?   The first fifteen minutes reviewed stories that fell into three classes - the trashy pulp fiction; the local neighbor who believes they are media experts ("I have no comment on that"); and the Jerry Springer like interview of one or another deviant.   I am not sure what happened next because at that point, I could stand it no more.

I am not sure what this station thinks it is covering.  But whatever it is there must be a market for it or the station is run by some kind of deranged philanthropist.

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