Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Customer Service? Not from Hotels.com

Over Thanksgiving we went to LA to visit my daughter and her family and my mother in law.   We used Hotels.com to do the reservation.   We wanted a hotel which is literally a block away from my daughter's house.   We chose it for the location.   The search term used was EAGLE ROCK, CA.   Eagle Rock is a suburb of LA but a recognized region of LA.   When you search on Mapquest you get the area as a separate part of LA.

When the options came up the top listing for the brand we were looking for was on Colorado Avenue, which is where the hotel we were looking for is located.   So I reserved the hotel.  We've stayed at the hotel previously and I remembered the approximate price, noted the hotel was on the street we had stayed at before.  I even looked at the other options including a hotel from another chain which is right down the street. The location of the place we wanted to stay is located on the map with the purple dot.  The place where the Hotels.com search engine placed us was nine miles away. (note the city of the alternate location is the city of Pasadena).   These kinds of problems are minor but annoying.   I discovered that the price you could get from Hotels.com is no better than a number of other booking services or by going directly to the chain in question.   What's more I tested a couple of the other booking services to see whether they would do the same thing and found that when I searched for one city the top response was for that city.

I immediately wrote Hotels.com and complained.   I had been explicit in my request and the search engine over-rode the request.  They came back to me within one day with the following response -

"We apologize for the inconvenience, we are committed to providing our customers with quality hotel reservations and superior service. We consider your feedback to be very valuable. We have noted the information you provided and escalated this to the appropriate department. Rest assured that we will look into this matter. "

I expected that after an appropriate review they would come back to me again with a response which explained why their search algorithm could ignore my request.   But almost two weeks after their initial response I have heard nothing.   Can you guess whether I will use Hotels.com again any time soon?


Anonymous said...

DO NOT USE HOTELS.COM!! THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AWFUL. I booked through them last month and when i arrived at the hotel, it was unstayable! Dust and dirt everywhere, so we did not stay there. Manager said to call Hotels.com directly. After calling their over 10 times in 6 weeks, i finally got a manager on the phone. They never saved any notes from any of my conversations and never got back to me. And to top it off they never refunded me for a hotel I didnt stay in!!


Jonathan Brown said...

Normally I filter Anonymous comments but this one is close to my own experience.