Friday, November 02, 2012

It is Deja Vu but this time the Press is not calling him on it

At the first conclusion of the Iraq War, the then President piloted a jet on to an aircraft carrier and proclaimed that we had vanquished the terrorists.   Today the current president is making a similar claim - He said Al Quaida is on the "run."  

Indeed, during this administration Osama Bin Laden was finally located and exterminated.   But as we saw on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11, Al Quaida and all its various factions still has the ability to attack a US embassy (technically a consulate) and the current president and his administration have shown a marked propensity to be unable to respond in a timely or helpful manner.   But on both cases, the claim by the President and the failure to act - the legacy media seems strangely silent.

Just like his helicopter ride over New Jersey, the President's media events seem to outrank his ability to govern.  I am not surprised by this disparity but I am disappointed that the media seems to lack any sense of objectivity.

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