Sunday, April 15, 2012

Patience and the TSA - an unresolvable conflict

We just got back from San Miguel after a wonderful time at the opening of the Gallery of Federico Correa (More on that later).  We got to see the contrast between two agencies of the federal government in less than a few minutes.   Houston Bush is a big airport and has Global Entry - I have written about that before. Today, my wife also used her second time through and together we spent about 40 seconds in customs. We had no checked bags so we got out into the re-entry portion of the airport quickly.  But then because of lousy signage we got stuck in the side of the security entry with no elite access.    That part of the TSA operation was a mess.  Hundreds of people and a couple of shouting idiots repeating again and again the same instructions.   In all it took about 25 minutes to get through to the secure section of the airport.   That is unacceptable.   I realize the TSA thinks it is doing a job but unlike Global Access, it is poorly organized.  In yesterday's Wall Street Journal the former head of the TSA made a series of sound suggestions about how to make this horrible agency a bit more accountable and efficient.  I doubt that the current agency leaders will heed the suggestions - but they should.

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