Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gratitude in Mexico

On Tuesday I spent an interesting day in Aguascalientes meeting with various governmental and university officials.  The new Governor is an interesting guy and he has hired a first rate cabinet.  But what struck me most was not the meetings but a small incident.

I have a pair of RayBan sunglasses that had lost one of the two nose protectors.  They were expensive (more than $200) at Lens Crafters and in the past when I have lost that piece and brought glasses back to the shop where I bought them, they have said "we do not replace those - buy a new pair."

On Tuesday, at the end of the day, I asked a friend whether he knew of a Lens Crafters equivalent.  He said there was a glasses shop near where we were so we went in and asked if they could fix the glasses.  The owner said she could but it would take a day.  I said I was leaving on Wednesday morning and she said "let me see what I can do."  In about 5 minutes she came back with a new piece in place.  I asked her "how much" and she no charge.  She had not expectation that I would be a customer but thought it was good business to help in this small way.  I am not sure how to express gratitude for that but it sure made my day.

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