Saturday, January 01, 2011

Barcode reader that saves money

A friend of mine put me on to an iPhone Application called Pic2shop (look for it on iTunes but the link is to the developer's site.  You hold your iPhone on the barcode of an item and when it flashes green it will show you where you can buy it and what various merchants charge for the product.

I've used the App for finding out where I can buy products.  For example, I have been in restaurants and found a wine I liked - scanned the barcode and found prices for the wine.  That is very handy.

But this week I found it even more useful.  I was in Best Buy purchasing a CF card for my daughter and her husband.  They have gotten into digital photography and have my old Canon 10-D.  (A great first generation SLR).   Best Buy's price for a San Disk 8 GIG CF card was $179.99.   I thought that sounded outrageously high.  I did a scan and pulled it up at Walmart for $78.   Best Buy does a price match - so after a supervisor had verified the Walmart price - I saved over $100.  WOW.

Pic2shop is easy to use.  It can also help you find books in libraries and bookstores.  What a great APP.

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