Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Rivercats and Three More Days

We missed the game on Friday against the Portland Beavers - but as I was driving back from a board meeting in Stockton - I heard the last of the game. WIth two outs in the top of the ninth the Portland team tied it up. The Cats went on to win in the 10th.

We did go on Saturday and they stunk the place up, losing 10-2. The score is not a good indication of how bad they really were. Dan Johnson is a classy player and usually good but in this game he even slipped up - stepping off the base in an easy out. Tony DeFrancesca came out and beefed the ref - I think just to pump up his team (which did not work). One wag interpreted the conversation with Tony saying something like "have you heard the latest knock-knock joke?" all the while waving his fist - he knew his 1st baseman was wrong but it was a chance to show support.

Today, they came back to look mostly like opening day. They got behind early but then had a marvelous inning where the entire team got to bat - they ended up winning 10-6.

Tried two new taste treats at the park this evening - an ice cream hot dog (fair) and a meatball sandwich (lousy). The new Dinger Dog - which is big - is pretty good. I still like the polish at the park. Beautiful day - sunny and a bit breezy - only wish some of the days in the summer were this pleasant.

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